Friday, 4 December 2015

Thyran NighGen Purification and Liquidizing Plant (The Plant)

There is one area of Thyra Below which truly never sleeps. On the outskirts of town there is a giant sunken area, originally a subterranean armoured airship bay. The vast structure is now a small city in its own right, populated by the hundreds of workers that daily feed and maintain The Plant.

It's not like NighGems aren't powerful, they are. But they are still rock: big, heavy, and above all, solid. A process was developed to make them a liquid. And once a liquid, they can be distilled and concentrated.

The Ministerium wanted a monopoly on the operation, and gave The College vast incentives (and threats) to keep the process in-house. They did so.

The result is The Plant, a huge, building-sized factory. Run by the College and The Order, it is a place of bottled lightening, all involved know that the energies they are  playing with are not for the faint hearted. Many a bush-y tailed newbie has had their claws clipped by The Plant, where a moment's inattention might mean disaster.

The results were the 4th Generation NighGem Cores, energy generating devices the size of small tables that can power a whole airship.

Also, although this is not usually know by the public, they are now finally producing Omega-grade NightGems. 99+% Pure.

In theory, these could be used to open artificial Passages....

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