Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Kerrigan Asylum For The Ethereal Challenged (The Mansion)

Way out in Exilopolis, there is a massive building.

The Mansion started as an offshoot of The College experiments with NightSerum. Right from the start, and although volunteers were easy enough to find, it was clear that the fail rate was impressive enough to demand some arrangements. Sure, most individuals died, but a few did indeed develop magik abilities, and these were very much beyond their control.

Thus The Mansion was opened. A safe (or as safe as it can be made) place for these wretched souls to exist, and to - perhaps - be helped back into some sort of peace. 

The staff, picked by hand from a number of Places, are kind, nurturing and patient. 

The guests.... They are not what they once were. 

Some are horribly mutated into grotesque forms, and need to be kept in quiet, gloomy rooms. Some wield impossible energies, and live their lives in copper covered rooms.

They are an unfortunate consequence of progress, some would say. Thyrans prefer not to think about it too much.

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