Sunday, 6 December 2015

Character: Kregtee 'Tee' son of Hosshoo

It is a mere coincidence that on our Earth, the great reptiles were mostly extinct by the dawn of Man. The result could have been more like Rru-Ssarr, on the other side of Passage 75. Tee is technically a Thyran, having been born in the city, his race's development rate being more than twice that of humans.

Although his kind can understand English perfectly, they have some issues replicating it, but still manage to make themselves understood.

Tee is a fighter, and everything about him supports that statement. From his claws, to his fangs, to his reptilian mucle mass, everything about him is designed to chop, render, rip or otherwise shred. He is not very tall, but oponents will take that as a weakness to their peril. He has massive cultural issues using weapons, melee or ranged, but with natural weapons as his', who needs anything else....?

My first Saurian. Weak in and to cold, with claws and a mean bite. I took everything from him, just left tracking, sensing and fighting. If you like fighters, here he is!

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