Monday, 7 December 2015

Character: OneFiveNineThree (Insectoids)

Perhaps the most exotic of all sentients that have emerged from the Passages are the Insectoids of The Hive (Passage 24).

Breaking with the stereotypes of literature and tale, and although in their world there are constant battles for resources and land, they revealed themselves to be fairly peaceful, and if anything, uncomprehending of our ways (it would later transpire that the fighting in The Hive is clan and family based, take those away, and the result is non-belligerent).

To separate them into individuals is sometimes hard, as they most often travel in groups of four. These 'quads' are so intricately connected that to separate them into singular minds or beings is almost impossible.

There are of course, exceptions.

OneFiveNineThree comes from an odd quad, possibly a mutation. They are inquisitive, curious, positively probing with their their quick wit. They cannot speak English, but try and make do with sign language, using their many appendages.
Some physical types can fly, other can burrow, others are fighting drones.  If you can understand them, having one in your organisation is a spectacularly good idea.

My first Insectoid. Natural weapons (Str+D6), Flying and Natural armour (+2), but no communication and odd physical aspect, so a severe penalty to Charisma.

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