Saturday, 12 December 2015

Character: The Twilight Owl

Little is known about this stealthy and shadowy creature. Even his/hers/its race is a complete mystery. What is known is that as soon as the first Passage was opened, he started showing up, due to an interesting problem arising. 

If you say, rob someone or even kill, you'll be chased and probably found by the Yellowstripes (they are good at this). However, what happens if after the crime, you simply walk through a Passage? Do the Yellowstripes follow? What if instead of an uninhabited world, you have a bustling city on the other side? Are you now wanted by their own policing force?

Whilst these discussions continued, a core of bouty hunters slowly came into being. People that could disregard the local rules and bring people back. Subject to the highest parameters of conduct, but still with plenty of leeway to crack some heads.

Owl is one of these. His track record is smaller than some, but he has 100% success rate. 'Anyone Anywhere' is his motto, and by the Gods he lives up to it...

A personally interesting character, as Owl is my steampunk cosplay (in fact it's me in the picture). Great fighter, great tracter, good survivalist, otherwise not a pleasant person.

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