Saturday, 5 December 2015

TEMPO (Thyran Messaging Organisation)

Two of main concepts that rule Thyra are these: a) Information is ammunition, and b) Knowledge is power.

Information is the lifeblood of the city, and the possession or lack of it is indeed often paid in blood.

Enter TEMPO, the Thyran Messaging Organisation. A private enterprise, with funding from everywhere and everyone. Respected by all, feared by all, they are perhaps not the movers and shakers, but the ones to tell them where and when to move and/or shake.

There are TEMPO posts scattered throughout the city, their presence known by their ubiquitous dark blue fronts. Inside, dark blue uniformed clerks take your message, encode it, and give it to one of the Pigeons.

There are as many types of Pigeons as there are grains of sand: there are your human ones, delivering messages on foot, the mechanical MECHA, transporting hundreds of parcels, smaller MECHA, running through specially made pipes throughout the city, the smaller winged MECHA flying through Passages, and into TEMPO offices in other Places, the hybrid MECHA/Animals..... The list goes on.

Their prices are modest, their volume immense. They might one day flex their muscles, but for the moment, TEMPO seems to be happy to be the nervous system of the city.

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