Friday, 4 December 2015

Character: M.E.C.H.A. (Mechanical Executor Construct Heavy Armour) and Animates

M.E.C.H.A. were originally designed as little more than bipedal cranes and tractors, powered but a 2nd Generation NightGem core and run by a differential engine. They would be imputed with simple instructions and commands (Dig here, move these rocks there), and the computer would do the rest.

Some years after their creation, during some experiments towards commanding MECHA with brain power alone, the College scientists, possibly using the recently found magiks, discovered that it is possible to transfer a human mind to one of these contraptions. 

Thus were borne the Animates. At least part of the mind is lost in the transfer (and the organic body is killed), but it is undeniable that some Animates retain the personality and memories of the human mind. By law, these New Men (and women) must have a blue light, showing their status as Animates. Strong and powerful, they are sometimes slow and dim-witted, but loyal to the last.

There are rumours of fully intelligent Animates. Imagine that. The brain of an intelligent person in the indestructible body of an Hercules.

What could one of those achieve....?

A simple conversion of an Android (construct) to Thyra. Strong (start with a D6 in strength), Big (+2 to be hit), and well armoured (+3). I have to make it stupid (D4 Smarts) and slow (Pace 4), otherwise it would be unstoppable!

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