Monday, 7 December 2015


Money, money, money.... It makes ALL the worlds go round. It appears that throughout the Multiverse, gold is fairly rare, so it is very much the precious metal of choice.

I wanted a simple conversion rate, so I'm using the one from D&D:

1 Copper piece (about ten British pennies)
10 Copper = 1 Silver (about one British pound)
100 Copper = 10 Silver = 1 Gold (about 10 British pounds)
1000 Copper = 100 Silver = 10 Gold = 1 Platinum (about 100 British pounds)

So you tip a beggar a couple of Coppers, eat a modest meal for 1 Silver, buy a new gun for half a dozen Gold and buy a ticket in 1st class to another Place for a couple of Platinum pieces.

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