Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Professor Thaddeus Mighty Monstrous Circus (3M)

Tolerance and acceptance were both things that didn't come naturally to Thyrans. The mere concept of Passages was inconceivable for some, let alone the exotic species that came through them. 

And not just random animals. These new people could think and bar cosmetic changes, they were pretty much as they were. 

The cultural differences were in a way harder to deal with. So your neighbour has horns, no problem. But when his Clan affiliations are stronger than family, duty, honour and anything else you can imagine.... Then things are slightly more difficult to understand. 

Enter Marcus Thaddeus. He had an idea. Maybe offensive. Maybe wrong. But with potential. He asked around the newcomers, to see if there were any performers amongst them. Sure, you had elvish sharpshooters, troll weight lifters. You had young exiled changelings and disgraced noble Rakshasans.

And he proposed his idea to them. Perform for the people. Yes, it's wrong, yes it's demeaning, but it will be a way for Thyrans to meet you, to see you and to be shown your culture.

About two thirds of them accepted on the spot. 

The 3M has sentient species from all know passages and animals and plants from at least as many worlds.

The circus is the first line of contact between ‘normal’ Thyrans and people from other Places. Its complex of tents lie in the wild space between Rattown and Steamville. As a contact tool, it is working really well.

It is also making ‘Professor’ Thaddeus phenomenally rich.

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