Saturday, 5 December 2015

Character: Helen 'Ell' 2477

Not everyone in Thyra comes from a poor background. Ell comes from one of the richest families in K'tarin, the Gaian city closest to the other side of Passage 19. The technology level of her world is comparable to Thyra, but of course, without NighGems. The young noble came into the smoking, stinking, oily Thyra, and could not believe her eyes. She fell into it like a duck to water.

Within months, she has used her family fortune to organise small caravans in and out of the safest Passages, and sent scouts into the less savoury ones. Rumour has it that she has close links to Wallington and Associates.

Not one to sit idly herself, the young woman has also travelled extensively within the Passage network.

This is something her mother, Lady Margolla 2477 wants to stamp out sooner rather than later....

A simple character, I merely wanted a noble/posh background. Otherwise, her stats will be similar to any adventurer (Possibly better at ranged weapons than melee, although I might give her a sword). She might also be Rich, getting more money than the other characters, I just need to make sure this doesn't destabilize the balance of the group.

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