Monday, 7 December 2015

Character: Captain Rachel 'Silver' Wall

Rachel hails from Crescent Cove, in the Billion Isles (Passage 45). In her world, the whole planet is one huge ocean, peppered with the above mentioned Billion Isles, atolls, floating cities, etc.

The Billion Isle side of Passage 45 is in the middle of nowhere, and even to this day, only a selective few inhabitants know of it. Captain Wall is one of them.

Her world is one of high sea piracy, alliances, backstabbing and intrigue. Bar the piracy, she understood Thyra the moment she arrived.

Having an almost monopoly on trade with her world mean she has to put up with cutthroat pirates and bloodthirsty buccaneers at every step.

She wouldn't have it any other way.

Captain Wall is here because I adore pirates. An adventurer, amazing with a sword and pistol. Gave her a 'spider-sense' for danger and an attitude.

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