Thursday, 3 December 2015

Character: Wayfarer (Way)

There are those whose wanderlust takes them across countries, continents or worlds. Way (the only name of his that is known) has turned this into an art form. He has not only personally Opened 12 Passages, but has also explored many other Places accessible to Thyra.

He's been a part of the Thyran landscape for so long, people now forget when he showed up to begin with, what world he came from or what his intentions are. A man of very few words, he can usually be found in Oldtown restocking or in Rattown catching up with some contact or other, before jumping through the nearest Passage.

It is said of him that he could find water in The Anvil, and could track a wisp of smoke through thick fog.

A simple tracker and survivalist. D8 in Tracking, Survival and perhaps Notice. I don't imagine him being too much of a long range guy, but melee? Forget about it....

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