Friday, 11 December 2015

Character: Baetrice 'Bee' Vulpes


On the other side of Passage 19, there is world, Gaia, which is effectively an alternate Earth. The Passage ends near a city, K'tarin, but a few miles down the road there is an island, with another city, Kitsune, that is easily 3 times the size of Thyra, but with only a little over half the population.

They called it the Shadow Wind.

An epidemic the likes of which had never been seen. People wasted away hours after infection. Millions died. A precious few seemed to be immune.

The rest of Gaia enforced a deadly quarentine. Nothing in, nothing out.

Bee's father was an engineer. She learned clockwork at his side, to build machines, big and small. Then the Wind hit.

In those dark few months, Bee had to be a bit of everything: scavenger, doctor, fighter, protector.

What emerged was a strong healer. Someone still fascinated by machines, metallic and organic. Two years after The Wind had passed, the Opening of Passage 19 was a blessing, the city had plenty to trade, and was happy to receive immigrants. Bee made her bag, and left, deciding to take her gift out into Thyra and beyond. 

On her shoulder, faithful, annoying and bright, Sheba, a clockwork construct, able to morph shapes between a small dragon and a small snake.

Woe to those that get in their way.

A custom build for a good friend. A powerful healer and good melee fighter, with some engineering skills. Sheba will not be very fast, but it might provide key recon at times. I might give her +1 to hit from the start. She who knows how to heal knows how to hurt....

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