Sunday, 6 December 2015

Character: Snow Bear Stream Mountain

It is a testament to how rough things are in Hyperboria (Passage 11) that the men and women (and other sentients) that made their way into Thyra have adapted nearly seamlessly to a culture and technologies centuries beyond what they knew. The mental acuity needed to survive in that environment is apparently what is needed to survive anywhere.

Bear came across Passage 11 merely by chance, before trade had properly been established with his world. One would expect a bloodbath, as the young barbarian found himself in a new land, with a new language. However he kept his cool, and even the Yellowstripes were polite, showing him with gestures where to go for food.

A decade later, he is one of the most popular axe-for-hire in the land. He might not pass any College exams anytime soon, but a more faithful ally you won't find.

Does what is says on the tin. I might give him Swipe, allowing a wide arc attack to everyone contiguous, at a -2 to hit.

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