Monday, 21 December 2015

Character: Doctor Thaddeus 'Doc' Rathrock

Thaddeus is the living embodiment of how things can go wrong, and how far a sentient being can be pushed.

Originally from Er'th (Passage 88), his love of machinery was obvious from a young age. The trip into Thyra allowed this love to blossom and he was part of The College team that developed the 3rd Gen cores.

But it was not enough.

In his quest to explore other possibilities, Thaddeus stated to break College rules, his thirst for knowledge apparently boundless.

He injected himself with NighSerum, and it was not enough.

He developed the ability to fuse flesh and brass and steel to a degree others only dream of, he could make or break most machines, but it was not enough.

He started experimenting with his own flesh, but it was still not enough.

Eventually he was expelled from the university. But his experimentations continued.

Today, he is addicted to NightSerum, but what he has gained far outshines this issue.

To fund his research he became brains for hire. He travels the Passages, looking for new knowledge, new metals and new machines.

My personal character. He is a really unpleasant character, which for me is refreshing. He has a mild forcefield (-2 to hit) and has a lot of extra limbs, allowing a second action at no penalty, and these limbs have blades, making him really strong at melee. Otherwise, he's made of tissue. I look forward to see how he performs!

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