Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Passages (Portals)

My original design for Thyra can be summed up in one word: flexibility. I wanted a background that allowed players to move between campaigns, Universes and adventures on a whim. The GM's whim, of course. ;)

Hence Thyra. The fall of The Night pierced the fabric of reality and many worlds are accessible by simply walking through a Passage (a vaguely shimmering irregular shape in the air, like heat distortion). The first passages ever explored seemed to take explorers to more or less benign worlds. Other peoples and cultures were found, and trade is booming (the second reason for Thyra's wealth, after the NighGems).

Some other passages aren't really that good. The infamous Passage 33, from which no one has ever returned. Or passage 48, that takes you into a blistering hot desert, no shade in sight, a giant planet hanging above you, taking up half the sky.

And then there is Passage 66. Mmm. How to put it? It is somewhat outside of town, and it is nominally guarded 24/7. It is a passage to a realm.... Where the same laws don't seem to apply. There are things at the other side of Passage 66. Not the nice trolls of Passage 5. 


Some break through every now and again, creatures of fire and brimstone and death. Some are as ethereal as smoke, but at least as dangerous.

So then, here we have it. A steampunk city, in the mists of a gold rush, with direct links to dozens of places throughout space and time. Welcome. We've been expecting you....

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