Monday, 30 November 2015

Character: Maxwell 'Zap' Constantine

Max is a Thyran boy, born and raised. He saw the latter days of the War, and its effects. He was always facinated by machines, and became a mechanic, and a good one at that. He lost an arm and a leg (quite literally) some years ago to an explosion, but replaced them with mechanical substitutes the first time he could. He keeps tinkering with them, and they are now at least as good as the real thing.

His arm hides a nasty surprise. Using some contacts at The College (who wish to remain anonymous), his arm is powered by a ping-pong ball-sized NighGem core. Pushing this core to overload, Max can let the energy rip, producing fairly devastating lightening bolts.

He can also figure out most engineering problems with some ease, and build mad machines to do whatever he wants them to do. 

Only once.

They usually explode soon after.

My first Savage Worlds character build. Max has the Bolt spell (as part of the Weird Science Arcane Background Edge). He is also amazing at engineering and has the gadgeteer edge (if he has the parts, he can build in 1D20 minutes a 1-use only machine which will work exactly as he wants it to).

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