Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dramatis Personae

  • The High Ministerium (The Ministerium) – A council of representatives of all the important bodies in the city. Not the most effective of bodies but the de facto brains behind organisation and logistics in the city, as well as the Yellowstripes. Most organisations have one seating member (official or unofficial ones). Corrupt and power-mad, only the infighting of the members keeps it from ascending into full blown dictatorship. You wouldn’t trust them for a moment, but the contracts are valid, the water does flow, and the sewers still work. For most inhabitants, it is all they ask.
  • Walt Wilson Mining Consortium (WW) – The largest company in town. Everyone works or knows someone that works for WW. Growing up in Rattown turned WW into a ruthless, humourless man that rewards excellence and destroys incompetence with the same wry smile. Not necessarily evil, but ambitious and pitiless.
  • The College Of Physical and Ethereal Sciences (The College) – School, University, Research Institute and Engineering Plant rolled up into one. Its members expand the knowledge of NightGems, and its applications. The recent discovery of Magik (NightGem energy-powered reality manipulation) was made at The College. Its practitioners, nicknamed Weird Doctors, are not necessarily sane but are bending our knowledge of reality.
  • Order of The Wrench (The Order) – The union of engineers and builders that keep the city working. Most have ties to the Ministerium, some to The College, and some to no-one at all. The Order keeps very loose ties with its members by design, in a place like Thyra, no one would make money if everyone played by the book.
  • Freehold Miners League (The League) – WW only has control over the Wilson Mines, all other veins are explored by small companies and independent miners. They are nominally bound together in The League, but it is in reality a free for all.
  • Beggars’ and Thives’ Guild (The Guild) – Based out of Rattown, these keep their own peace, in alleys where even the Yellowstripes don’t venture. Rumours abound of ties to the Ministerium, of unofficial council members. What is known is, an unsanctioned murder today is a body floating in Circle Bay tomorrow.
  • Society of Lok (Brothers / Sisters) – The closest thing to active religion in Thyra. Of unknown origins, these men and women teach, heal, clothe and feed with the same quiet contemplation. Many a thief or evildoer ended up as a Brother or Sister. Although there is no organised cult, the Society House is filled with icons and statues of Gods of many of the Places reached from the city, for any believers to enjoy. They seem to have deep pockets, but use it only in the help of the needy.
  • The Clockwork Queen (The Queen) - a quasi-mythical crime boss, The Queen is a sort of bogey man for both state and crime people alike. Her existence is disputed, but on a number of occasions, the Guilds almost immediately deferred to someone else. Either a person or many or simply an organisation, someone pulls many strings around town. 

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