Monday, 30 November 2015

Character: Clifton 'Midnight' Andrews

It would later be remembered as I-Day (Invasion Day). The thing about Passages is, one needs to step through one, from Tyra's side, to actually open it. Something to do with the direction the NighGem shards pierced reality. Once open, it is open both ways.

That was the day someone found Passage 66 and stepped through.

And all Hell broke loose. Literally.

Every time a new Passage is opened, there is some confusion on the other side. Rare are the Openings where there's not some violence (or attempted violence) when a lonely native wonders into downtown Thyra. Even with lovely Passage 5, a party of elves wondered through and nearly came to blows with street vendors.

Hours after some nameless person found and opened Passage 66, Hades itself came through. No one knows what they call themselves, but their kin has been in humanity's imagination for millennia.

Demons. Ghosts. Wraiths.

A huge collection of them came through, destroying and killing as they went. The city mobilised, it was very much a 'all hands on deck' situation. 

Clifton was in the front line, his guns spelling doom to the indescribable obscenities in front of him. American born, he'd been in Thyra for only a few months, as a hired gun.

2 things then happened in close succession.

A Weird Doctor's tank of liquid NighSerum (that was powering a beam cannon) exploded, covering Clifton in the gunky liquid. A second before, he had blown a demon apart, and its black ichor was still en route to his body.

The two substances met pretty much simultaneously. Clifton burst into green flames. And he has been burning ever since.

Somehow, the two highly magikally charged substances covered his body, turning his flesh into green flames. These are cold to the touch, and do not ignite materials further. Those that have seen him in fights describe a living skeleton, with emerald flames coruscating around him.

If anything, I-Day made Clifton tougher. He is now still alive but better. He is still a hired gun, and may the Heavens have pity on any Passage 66 creature that wonders into his path.

A simple (?) gunslinger. His magik flesh is tougher (+3 Armour), and he is silly agile (D8 climbing). Also his guns. Big ones. And he can fire both simultaneously. Yep.

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