Sunday, 29 November 2015


Magik is real. Well... Not quite. But almost.

It becomes a percentage game. About 2% of mankind have the right nervous system to manage and control high energies. Of these, about 70% end up being allergic to NighGems, and die horribly if injected with NighSerum. 

Well, some die.

Some.... Change.

The remainder, those 0.6% have access to enormous energies and can bend reality as we know it. Some can be taught to do it. Some can simply do it. Some fall victim to.... 

Things. Things from other Places.

If you've beaten the odds, congratulations, you can now wield forces and energies beyond the ken of humanity. If you haven't.... You are either dead, hunted or a Wight.

If you're lucky.

So, by introducing the NighSerum, I can have humans doing technology-based magic (using the Wyrd Science Arcane background). Also, I can have all sorts of creatures coming through the Passages.

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