Monday, 30 November 2015

Character: Mara 'Thermo' Howard

Mara was a student at The College. She was simply an assistant during one of the many experiments that were being performed on NighGems. In particular, how they were attempting to turn NighGems into a liquid, a serum, that could then be used as a more efficient fuel. 

There was an explosion, and Mara, along with two others, was peppered with shards of metal covered in NighSerum.

One of the students died, instantly, his body shriveling and smoking in moments. The other changed, electricity crackling around her, hitting everything around. She was eventually committed.

And then there was Mara. Her hands faintly smoking, but with no other apparent adverse effect. It would later transpire that she could now access the energies of the NighSerum by will alone, ad could generate spheres on intense thermal energy and project them at will.

She was the first confirmed success at wielding Magik.

Today, she teaches at The College, helping other Magik users with their own powers, but she works primarily as a hired gun, particularly after the discovery of Passage 66.

A simple character, with the Bolt spell. Smart, agile and flaming deadly.

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