Monday, 30 November 2015

Character: Marko Sharpclaw of Windbreath Clan

Marko hails from Llaruundo, beyond Passage 5. His clan of airship builders (and pirates) have revolutionised Thyra's air docks. As they only had more 'primitive' technology to work with, their building techniques were extremely efficient, and are now standard throughout the land.

Born aboard an airship, it is joked that Marko only stepped upon solid ground for his coming of age ceremony, at around 11 Earth years. His race has a number on names, but they seem happy to adopt the Earth denomination of Orc.

A nightmare with his scimitar, he can pilot anything that he can get his hands on. It it moves, chances are he can command it.

Another standard character. Great at Melee (Str + D6), Good piloting skills and really agile.

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