Sunday, 29 November 2015

Characters: Valeriya 'Riya' Klyk


Riya's family have lived in Thyra for the last 20 years. The Cordigans (Canis Anthropomorphus Sapiens) were one of the first non-human races discovered by Thyrans (through Passage 4)

People were shocked at these new peoples, but they were small, unthreatening, only interested in work or trade, polite and, once they learned english, well spoken. Within years, Cardigan shops were being opened everywhere in the city.

Cordigans are industrious, with a keen eye for business. They speak English well, but always seem to keep their original Cordiganese language (a selection of growls and whines, with some body language). Their world (Original name unpronounceable, Common name: Cordigan Land) is a pleasant urban / agricultural world, with a technology level slightly behind Thyra's. Passage 4 ends near an out of the way village, hence the first wave of immigrants, looking for work.

Riya has taken the family shop 'Klyk and Daughters Emporium' and made it into one of the best jewellers / curio shops / antiquarians in town. When around the corner you have no less than 3 Passages into other worlds, you wouldn't believe what flotsam and jetsam washes up to your door.

A bit of an adventurer, she has been known to take sabbaticals from the shop to go through Passages to try and find artefacts herself, or simply to feel the wind of a new world on one's fur.

A custom request, Riya is a humanoid dog. I gave her -1 to Pace (small legs), -1 to Visual Perception (not the greatest eyes), but +2 to Smell Perception. Also -2 to Charisma when not in New Hades, as people would find a humanoid dog odd. She has the Contact Edge (due to the shop), having real informants around town and beyond, and has a mean bite (Str+D6).

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