Sunday, 29 November 2015

List of known Passages and connected Places

Passage 4 - Cordigan Land. Homeworld of the Cordigans, humanoid canines. Agricultural/urban, tech level slightly behind Thyra.

Passage 5 - Llaruundo. Similar to literature's 'high fantasy' world. Humanoid races, elves trolls, orcs, etc. Agricultural with scattered cities. Tech level well behind Thyra. Some trade in handicraft goods. Presence of Magik, source unknown.

Passage 11 - Hyperboria. Savage world, pre-medieval. Hardy human-like inhabitants, predatory fauna. Limited contact, some trade, usually in melee weaponry. 

Passage 19 - Gaia, Urban world, tech level similar to Thyra. Commerce in manufactured goods, some services and high grade metals.

Passage 20 - Odin's Eye, alien planet, toxic gases, no native animals or plants, respirator needed. Some gem mining.

Passage 24 - The Hive. A world covered in billions of alien Insectoid inhabitants. Mostly friendly, producers of organic-based goods, as Insectisilk. Extensive trade. 

Passage 33 - Unknown. No explorers have returned.

Passage 39 - Umbrous. Late medieval world. Feudal. Presence of Magik, source unknown. A dark, misty, swampy world.  Races and beasts take strange shapes, vaguely reminiscing of 'dark fantasy'. Limited trade. Limited contact.

Passage 42 - Futuristic city. Limited contact with only a few inhabitants. Tech level at least 200 years in advance of Thyra. City goes by the name of New Hades.

Passage 45 - Water Passage, The Billion Isles. Word-spanning archipelago. Tech level about 100 years behind Thyra, some limited trade due to extensive piracy.

Passage 48 - The Anvil. High desert, no habitation, animals or plants ever found. Temperatures are in the upper 50oC constantly, tidal lock with star, no night. 

Passage 54 - Uninhabited verdant world, Farmopolis. Some agricultural colonists.

Passage 59 - Water Passage. Terminus is half a mile off the coast of Khaemet, a desert continent, broken up into a myriad kingdoms. Vaguely reminiscent of Pharaonic Egypt. Tech level low, but extensive trade in jewels and artefacts.

Passage 60 - Persephone Sigma VII. Passage terminus is about 100 yards away from a trading post on an alien planet. No atmosphere, vacuum suits needed. Many different species, Tech levels range from millenia ahead to centuries behind Thyra.

Passage 66 - Hell.

Passage 72 - Water Passage. Pelagicus, water world. Extensive fishing and trading with the Gloor, aka Atlanteans, humanoid amphibian sea dwellers. Tech level about 50 years behind Thyra.

Passage 75 - Rru-Ssarr. World with radically different evolutionary path. Dozens of sentient species, most look like versions of what we would consider 'lower animals'. Tech levels differ between individual species, from about 50 years behind Thyra to about 50 years after. Extensive contact. Extensive trade.

Passage 90 - Koncorvire. Alien world. Hostile silicone-based life forms. Humanoid inhabitants. Sporadic contact, no trade.

Passage 88 - E'rth. An apparent alternate version of Earth. Extensive trading with local Hugh-min population. Tech level comparable to Thyra

Passage 92 - The Core. Passage opens inside gigantic, world-spanning cavern network. Many different native inhabitants, some trading with a selected few of them.

Passage 103 - Alternate futuristic Earth. Local name unknown. Some sort of environmental catastrophic event left this world devastated. Passage ends near the ruins of London. Limited contact. No trade.

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